How to Clean an Air Fryer?

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How to Clean an Air Fryer?


Air Fryers consume a minimal amount of oil while cooking since they rely solely on circulating hot air to fry their food and because people usually use healthy air fryer recipes. Therefore, you can eat and enjoy fried items with less calories and fat and with less mess after eating as washing the dishes is a tedious job and it requires a lot of effort. Moreover, Air Fryers are also dishwasher friendly, and it takes less time to clean them up which encourages everyone to buy an Air Fryer on Black Friday 2022. However, it should be cleaned after each use as leftover food items on the air fryer can affect the effectiveness of the appliance, causing it to slow heating up and consume more energy.
Secondly, as far as health is concerned regarding the cleanliness of an Air Fryer, you may catch foodborne disease if the air fryer isn’t washed properly because of the contaminated food particles and germs in the fryer. 

How to Clean an Air Fryer

First Step

Let your Air Fryer cool down for 30-35 minutes and then take the basket, tray and pan out from the appliance to clean them up.

Second Step

Clean the parts that you took out with the soap and hot water so that the grease and leftover food or contaminated particles get washed from the fryer and then clean the parts with the scrub. This cleaning of the items would hardly take 10 minutes.

Third Step

Use a cloth or a sponge to clean the interior of the air fryer and just make sure that you use just a splash of soap to do this step as it may affect the interior of the fryer.

Fourth Step

It’s like the previous step, just wipe down the outside of the Air Fryer with a sponge and a splash of a soap so that the germs or any contaminated particles may be wiped off from the fryer. Then in the end use a paper towel to polish the outside of the fryer.

Last Step

When all the parts are perfectly dried and washed, reassemble all the parts in the air fryer so that it becomes ready to be used again to fry.

Steps to Avoid When Washing an Air Fryer

Never use any sort of utensils to remove the remnants from the air fryer as it may easily cause a scratch on the Air Fryer. Moreover, never use disinfectants to clean an Air Fryer as they are unsafe and can be mixed with the food items. But if you wish to use a sanitizer for cleaning you may use chlorine or iodine.

Last, you should always make sure that the Air Fryer is unplugged while washing it and you should be extremely careful that the main unit of the air fryer should not come in direct contact with water because you may face a short circuit.

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