What Are the Pros and Cons of Air Fryer

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Air Fryer

There is nothing in this world that is entirely perfect. Likewise, an air fryer comes with its fair share of positives and negatives. Although, the main question is if one should invest in this appliance. Let’s see if it’s worth the hype!



Air fryers can be used for more than what the instructions on the package say. From reheating to baking, or making some fryer chicken, it can do everything your traditional oven or microwave can – perhaps even more!

Apart from the usual easy-to-make recipes, you can even make things that are on the complicated spectrum such as air fryer wing, steaks and desserts. Size matters here too; if the air fryer is big enough, a small turkey or beef can be cooked. In case you have a smaller size, it will be ideal if you have a small kitchen as it takes up a small area on your countertop and can easily be tucked away to make room for other things.


We live in an era where time is short and everyone is looking for shortcuts – an air fryer is one of them due to its time efficiency. Compared to an oven or microwave, the food is cooked in nearly half the time since the heat is dispersed and retained evenly. It doesn’t need much electricity to operate so it is light on your pocket too!

Easy to Use

Sometimes technology can be complicated but fear not! Most air fryers come with an easy-to-understand manual and settings that even a 5-year-old could become Gordon Ramsey!


If you have high blood pressure, cholesterol, or any health-related concern which makes you miss out on your favorite fried foods then don’t worry! Air fryers barely use oil, making the food less oily. So you can enjoy that fried chicken without any care in the world!


Remember when we said air fryers are light on your pocket because of how energy efficient they are? Well, we didn’t say it’ll be light on your credit card. Best air fryer in Canada can cost up to $250. So, the bigger the size, the more it’ll cost you! But a more cost effective alternative would be to look for Ultima Cosa’s air fryer which may cost up to $100 to $150.

Short Power Cable

Yes, you can’t take it to the lawn to chill during a barbeque. Jokes aside, some people find it frustrating that the power supply cable doesn’t cooperate with the built-in sockets of the kitchen. Yes, this is why extension cords exist but honestly, who has the time and space for that?

Not Good for Large Families

If you’ve more kids than you’ve wished for – well, we’ve got bad news. Air fryers can't serve large quantities in one serving, as most medium-sized air fryers allow two people to eat at once. In that case, the time-efficient wonder doesn’t work its charm here.

All in all, as we said earlier, everything has its best and flawed aspects. Before buying an air fryer for your home, consider all these factors so you won’t end up regretting the decision you made. Rest assured, you can put an air fryer on your Black Friday 2022 Wishlist!

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