5 Tasty Meals You Can Make With Your Air Fryer In No Time!

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5 Tasty Meals You Can Make With Your Air Fryer In No Time!

Why is healthy food bland most of the time? Why can’t we enjoy decant dishes without worry? We’re still stuck under the notion that healthy food isn’t tasty. It's time we change that and look for ways to equate both together! This is where the Air Fryer comes into play.

Oily food is one of the biggest concerns and an air fryer is currently the best way to control oil consumption. An air fryer barely needs oil - just a tablespoon or a touch of oil spray – to make any dish. But you have no idea where to begin with your fryer? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

French Fries

Healthy food and French fries? Well, this is the best example where you can enjoy your favorite food guilt-free. This is the easiest of all the recipes out there. All it takes is a potato and a knife. Cut the potato and wash it. Pat, it dries with a paper towel. Spray some oil in the air fryer, put your potatoes in, sprinkle salt, and mix. Don’t overlap your fries!

Set the temperature and timer, flip them halfway through, and done! Enjoy with your favorite sauce.


Making chicken has never been this easy! This recipe is your best option during a busy week because all you need is some chicken and spice – everything will turn out just nice!

Take your favorite cut of chicken. Add your favorite spices – we suggest salt, pepper, and paprika – on both sides. Spray the fryer with oil and put the chicken in. Set the timer and temperature. Flip it halfway through, and voila! A tender piece of chicken is perfectly done in 20 minutes. Enjoy with some of your favorite sidelines.


Salmon itself is considered healthy and there are different ways to cook it. But the air fryer is your best option if you’re on the run. It’s time to showcase your fancy cooking on your next date!

Sprinkle some salt and pepper on the salmon. Put it in the tray with a rosemary sprig and cook it for 15 minutes. Remove the sprig and add some lemon slices on top. A delicious dinner is ready – don’t worry, you deserve this after a long day at work.

Zucchini Chips

We haven’t forgotten the vegetarians! You all are missing out on Zucchini chips if you still haven’t tried them. Healthy, delicious, quick, and easy!

Take a zucchini, thinly slice it using a mandolin or a sharp knife. Coat the chips with Italian herbs, salt, and parmesan. Shake it off! – The excess seasoning, I mean. You know the drill at this point – set and flip halfway to get a delicious snack in no time. Enjoy with a sandwich or eat it on its own – you don’t have to worry about the calories in this one!


I know! Donuts and healthy? We surely must be crazy. But trust us on this. They come out fluffy and delicious – not to mention healthy!

Make your dough – any recipe that you like – and shape them into donuts. Cover the fryer tray with a dash of oil and put the dough in. Set the air fryer to the desired settings and flip them halfway. Glaze them up and enjoy with your favorite drink! – We would recommend a cup of coffee, the ultimate couple!

Try out all these recipes and let us know which one was your favorite or if you have any that you’d like to share, let us know as well!

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