Air Purifier Myths Debunked

The air quality in our homes is just as important as the air quality in our workplaces - this is why cleaning the air is essential. But with all the contradictory information out there, it can be challenging to make sure we are doing everything possible to keep our homes clean and healthy.

Walmart Air purifiers are an excellent option for keeping your home clean and removing many toxins that can trigger respiratory problems. But misinformation on what they do and how they work is plentiful.

We've collected some of the most common myths around air purifiers to debunk each one.

Debunking Air Purifier Myths

Myth 1: Air Purifiers use expensive filters

False! The truth is that there are no expensive filters.

Many people believe that air purifiers use expensive filters. In reality, the filters used in Walmart Air purifiers are inexpensive. This is because these filters eventually get saturated with dust and require replacement.

There are two types of air filters: active and passive. Active ones use air pumps to draw dust particles out of the air for cleaning the air, while passive ones rely on the airflow to pull them out. A specific type of filter can be used in either type of purifier because they have different features and benefits depending on what a user wants that particular type of filter for.

Myth 2: Air Purifiers Don't Do Anything

False! Walmart Air purifiers remove contaminants from the air, likewise cleaning the air and making it more breathable. They can control airborne allergens, reduce asthma triggers and manage odors. Some you may even feel a sudden difference in the quality of indoor air overnight.

Since the invention of the air purifier, it has been a topic of conversation and debate. The misconceptions about this machine have led to increased pollution inside homes for the last two decades.


Myth 3: They Do A Lot More Than Medical Work

Walmart Air purifiers are often thought of as a luxury or just something to have near the bed to help with symptoms of asthma and allergies. What many people don't know is the fact that they produce cleaner air!

Air purifiers are great for improving the air quality in your home, but it does not just do a lot more than just medical benefit.

People are often unaware that air purifiers' benefits go beyond medical benefits and can also be used to clean different surfaces like dishes, carpets, pets, etc. Some people even buy one for their office to eliminate any allergens or other harmful pollutants from the environment.

Myth 4: Rooms with Air Conditioner Do Not Need Air Purifier

People think that rooms with air conditioners do not need air purifiers as it cools and refreshes the air inside the room. This is wrong as ACs cools only the surface and hence does not freshen up the inner environment. Air purifiers are a must-have when the AC is turned on or in extremely hot weather.

An air filter removes and traps dirt, dust and allergens, while an air conditioner cools the room down by reducing humidity in the room.

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