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How do air purifiers work?

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How do air purifiers work?

As the generational gap exists, things change, the world moves differently, and one major difference is that of outdoor and indoor. The youth of today prefers to stay indoors and have invested in activities that are more home-bound, and due to the sudden rise of Covid-19 in 2020, the whole world has shifted indoors as well which leads to everyone considering this new shift as a shelter. But even indoor places i.e., our homes have particles like allergens and pollutants that damage the air quality, and to have a safe indoor environment the world is opting for air purifiers to protect themselves and their families. Ultima Cosa has the best range of air purifiers and let’s learn how they work.

Bad News For Pollutants!

Pollutants and allergens like smoke, viruses, pollens, odor, and bacteria exist in the air surrounding us which cannot be seen by the human eyes and air purifiers use filters, ozone, and/or electrical attraction to purify the air.

Ultima Cosa air purifiers have High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, they remove smoke, dust, pollen, odor, and different other particles by trapping them in their sieves, the finer the sieve the smaller the particle gets captured leading to clear air. Not just this, air purifiers have activated carbon or zeolite blends which work as odor removers by absorbing different chemicals and odors present in the air and makes your room fresh.

In comparison to air conditioner filters, HEPA filters in cleaning air are 99.97% efficient as they can trap and purify particles larger than 0.3 microns in size whereas on the other hand air conditioner filters can only capture particles larger than 10.0 in size.

The Best Purifier You Can Get.

Ultima Cosa’s range of air purifiers can clean your home’s air in the fastest way possible through its 3 fans speed option and as it covers an area of 500sqft, you never have to worry about the air quality of your home. Another amazing feature of the Ultima Cosa air purifier is that it has a noise level between 30db to 52db which leads to no disturbance during sleep and the clean air helps in sleeping better as well.

Dust mites or pollen particles flew in by air causes difficulties for asthma patients, air purifiers have made the homes of asthma patients a better place for them and has helped in reducing airborne diseases by capturing the particles and purifying the air. Furthermore, radon gas is frequently found in air surroundings and can be harmful to us, but the carbon or zeolite blends absorb it and makes our home safe and secure from the harmful gases.

As the unpurified air can be risky for our health and the world has become more polluted over time and we are living in a pandemic that comes up with different variants of the virus every day, it should be our priority to have homes with fresh and clean air thus owning an air purifier should be our next step towards a better, healthier home and lifestyle.

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