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Should I Sleep With The Air Purifier On?

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Should I Sleep With The Air Purifier On?

Do you wish you could sleep better? Not have to wake up every day feeling tired and unrested? Luckily for you, there's an effortless way to improve the quality of your sleep; an air purifier

What Do Air Purifiers Do?

Put simply, they do precisely what their name implies: massively improving the air quality index of room by purifying the air from any pollutants and allergens. These include smoke, pet hair and dander, pollen, smoke, and spores. It also removes unpleasant odors and irritants from the air, such as cigarette smoke.

What Are The Benefits?

The fact that air purifiers clean the air of allergens and irritants means it will significantly help people with allergies breathe much better when air quality index gets better. As a result, their sleep quality can improve significantly. Even for people without allergies, the better current air quality will help them breathe easier by preventing nasal congestion and constricted itchy throats. All of this helps you enjoy deep, uninterrupted sleep and wake up the next day feeling refreshed.

Now, air purifiers assisting people to breathe better are quite apparent, but they also improve your skin, which means not only do air purifiers help you wake up feeling better, but also looking better when the air quality index is apt. Win-win!

Should I Sleep With One On?

Study has reported better and deeper sleep with an air purifier on. We've already discussed the myriad of benefits that comes with an air purifier; however, while it's running and cleaning the air, it'll also be making white noise. Meaning it makes one consistent frequency sound that drowns out other background disturbances, such as car horns, dogs barking, doors opening and closing, etc., which could disturb your sleep. Some people prefer to sleep without white noise; however, many users have reported that it helps them sleep better. This is also supported by several studies attesting to its effectiveness in improving sleep. And while it does not have a specific cooling unit or mechanism, the fan in the air cooler does have a slight cooling effect, and slightly cooler temperatures are also ideal for promoting better sleep. 

What If I keep My Air Purifier On All Day But Turn It Off Before Sleeping?

Many people wonder if keeping their air purifier running all day and turning it off right before sleeping is a good practice; assuming that air quality index will remain good and stable, right? No, it won't. See, the doors and windows in our houses aren't sealed airtight, meaning dirty, polluted outside air is constantly making its way in through the smallest of holes and crevices reducing the air quality index. A quick test measuring the pollutants and other particles in the air revealed that in as little as 80 minutes after turning the air purifier off, the current air quality became just as polluted as before. Considering humans need to sleep more than 80 minutes a night, it's better to keep the purifier on an entire night.

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Final Verdict

The facts speak for themselves; it is worthwhile to sleep with an air purifier on to ensure a deep, comfortable nights' sleep.

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