Why are Air Purifiers So Expensive?

Why are Air Purifiers So Expensive?

 Before buying something, which is heavy on your wallet, you do some e-window shopping to get an idea of the product’s price. When you search for air purifiers on social media and the internet, many people label it as something fancy and expensive for no good reason, according to them an air purifier requires one fan and a filter to cleanse the polluted air.

Are Air Purifiers Overpriced?

To an extent, they are right as large room air purifiers on Costco cost around $250-$450 which for some people is quite expensive to be able to breathe fresh air. The reason for such price is technology, new features, and components. One fan and filter are not enough to filter out the air at a microscopic level which can negatively affect some people if they have dust allergy or any other disease.

Quality and Standard Squashes the Damage

Due to competition air purifiers in Canada must keep a standard so they can be distinctive. Ultima Cosa Aria Fresca 500 Air Purifier costs only $299.99 while other purifiers with almost the same specifications cost more than $400, it has a 3-stage filtration system which is (i) Pre-Filter (ii) HEPA Filter (iii) Activated Carbon Filter which removes particles as small as 0.3 microns with minimum noise (32-52 dB) allowing you to focus on your activities.

Quality vs Quantity

As the saying goes being poor is expensive, some people might be waiting for air purifiers till black Friday of 2022, and some people might go for a cheaper alternative while buying an air purifier, the cheaper purifier would obviously come with fewer features, and the reasons why they would cost more in the long term are that they will consume more electricity due to less smart features and because their quality makes them ephemeral.


Air Purifiers such as Ultima Cosa Aria Fresca 500 Air Purifier which comes with premium features at an affordable low price, contains a dust sensor that allows the purifier to detect the particulate matter by using an infrared beam and a sensor, this saves electricity since the machine works effectively when it is required to with the help of sensors, something that people will not find in cheap air purifiers.


The Ultima Cosa Aria Fresca 500 covers 500 square feet and an average living room is 340 square feet. A low-priced air purifier working at maximum capacity covers around 315 square feet which is not enough while air purifiers such as Aria Fresca 500 can easily improve the air quality index at moderate capacity, hence using less electricity.

Is It Actually A Saving?

Air Purifiers have an average life of 3-5 years, if you are tight-fisted and can take care of this machine then it will surely last till 5 years. Is the air purifier really expensive? Suppose you bought an air purifier today for $300, you are relieved for 5 years and in the meantime, you can save a small amount of money so you can replace it after five years. In fact, if you save only 16 cents every day, you will easily be able to replace that air purifier after 5 years.

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