Can A Dirty Air Purifier Make You Sick?

Can A Dirty Air Purifier Make You Sick?

Air Purifiers do not cause any health problems that may make anyone sick. In fact, air purifiers improve the air quality for the people for easy breathing. However, people are still concerned about whether a dirty air purifier can make them sick or not. The answer is simply no because global air pollution has greatly affected the current air quality and is posing a significant threat for the people to survive and air purifiers clean the air by creating a clean environment for their users and they also maintain a good air quality index by resisting any sort of contaminants from entering the air people breath in. 

Benefits of Air Purifiers:

Allergy Treatment

If someone is prone to allergies or allergic reactions, it's most likely that person may develop a severe illness due to poor air quality. Therefore, the air that a person breathes should be free of dust, dirt, pollen, and other contaminants that can trigger an allergic reaction. The Air Purifiers trap allergens and clean the air to improve people's health. Moreover, Air Purifiers with HEPA filters work best in the treatment of allergies and they also eliminate allergens from the air. 

No Byproducts

Some air filters emit harmful byproducts into the indoor air in the process of air purification, but HEPA filters don't emit any sort of byproduct that may be unsafe for people. The HEPA filter system in most Air Purifiers is designed in such a way that it creates a clean environment for its users.

Neutralization of Bad Odors

Some chemicals like formaldehyde and harmful gases can cause a bad odor in the indoor air, and by breathing this odorous air and toxic gases, people can develop headaches, breathing difficulties, and nausea, but the HEPA filter in Air Purifiers traps these air pollutants and gets rid of them. As a result, people come less in contact with health problems and remain healthy.

Plumbing and HVAC

The filters in Air Purifiers also trap the pathogens and bacteria that live in the air and can mix up with the plumbing system of one's house and contaminate the water that one uses on a daily basis. Ultima Cosa Air Purifier works best against pathogens that may contaminate the plumbing system of houses.

Protection from Allergies caused by Pets

Air Purifiers are the best bet for people who want to get rid of pet fur and pet allergens from the indoor air. As we all know, some people do catch a serious illness from pet allergens, and if they are exposed constantly to these allergens, their symptoms can worsen, and people can become severely sick. Therefore, HEPA filters trap the pet hair and pet allergens from the air and surrounding environment and make the air clean for easy breathing.


In conclusion, a dirty air purifier can't make anyone sick because the filter present in the Air Purifiers traps all sorts of contaminants, chemicals, bacteria, pathogens, and harmful gases from the air that make a person sick and it makes the air clean for easy breathing. This is the reason Ultima Cosa Air Purifier offers the best filter: HEPA Filter to clean the environment.

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