Is Air Fryer a Must Have?

Is Air Fryer a Must Have?

Every day we come across different appliances or gadgets either on the internet or at a friend’s place and wonder, will it be worth our money and time? There is one appliance that has become the talk of the town since a while ago: air fryer.

Like any other product, this product has its own pros and cons as well, but what makes this product a must have? Well, you don’t have to be skeptical anymore because we have covered it all in this article.



As hard as it sounds to follow a diet or minimize the oil intake, air fryer has made it super easy to consume all your favorite food but healthier. Yes, now you can enjoy French fries, onion rings, bacon and what not. But that too in just one teaspoon or max tablespoon of oil. This reason itself should be enough to buy the appliance. You can find unlimited healthy air fryer recipes on the internet and enjoy a delicious meal not just on your cheat day, but every day.

Safety First:

Using a pan or a pot, the first thing that risks your life is the splattering of oil. And eventually you get used to it but the question here is, why settle for unsafe options when you can just buy an air fryer instead? Air fryer cooks your meals within the machine which means no risk of spilling or accidental contact with hot oil. Moreover, in Ultima Cosa’s Air Fryer you can find thick insulation that stops the outer layer from getting hot, hands down the best air fryer in Canada!

Quick as a Fox:

When ovens and pans require preheating, air fryer takes no less second of your life. Not just that, a chicken cooked in oven takes 45 minutes whereas an air fryer cooks it within 15 minutes. The cherry on top is that the heat circulation is evenly distributed in an air fryer which means no redness in meat nor any burnt or extra soft vegetables. Moreover, you have to toss the food items just once in an air fryer and get the crispiest, crunchiest, and flavorful meals. But guess what, it does not take more than 5 minutes to clean! We know you don’t like cleaning the dishes, hehe!


Roast, grill, fry and even make desserts in your air fryer. Air fryer is an all-rounder product for your kitchen. It alone does everything for you, and it is portable in nature, meaning you can carry it around offices, dorms, small cafes, just name any place!



The size is a disadvantage. The heat distribution is interrupted when it gets overcrowded and the size itself does not allow big portions to be cooked at the same time.



Comparing to pans, air fryers are heavy on the pocket.

When the pros outweigh the cons, that’s when you know you have to make the purchase. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab yours from the nearest store and enjoy a flavorful, healthy, and happy life.


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