How To Use an Air Fryer To Prepare Your Meals?

How To Use an Air Fryer To Prepare Your Meals?

First of all, congratulations on being the owner of the most anticipated kitchen utensil, the Air Fryer. You can finally know what this revolution is about and how can you make your favorite fryer chicken recipe with the best taste and the lowest of calories possible because health is as important as taste. Since you got your hands on it, you first must know how it works. Is this machine substituting for traditional deep frying? Let’s find out.

What is an Air Fryer and How It Works?

An air fryer is a kitchen tool that cooks your food via electricity – no, it’s not an electric stove. Air fryers, such as Ultima Cosa Air Fryer – one of the best air fryer in Canada - contains a metal coil or a heating plate that generates heat in the pod of the fryer, simultaneously there is a fan that evenly distributes the heat to the food so that it's cooked properly – mimicking a traditional oven. Next time you put your food in it you know what is going on inside!

How Do You Use It?

 If you want to make any healthy air fryer recipe then let us tell you how. You can or cannot preheat the fryer, that's up to you. What’s important is that you must put the food at a distance for the air to circulate. You are require to constantly shuffle the food for even cooking. But, you do not need to turn off the machine each time you do it. You can sneak a peek and see if there is a need, isn’t that a charm? But, be careful because it is hot! And yes, your food will be ready fast - probably faster than you would expect, it's the magic of this machine. And Ta da! Your piping hot food is ready.

The Don’ts

However, bear in mind to make sure not to do some of the biggest don'ts of air fryers! Do not put oil with all your heart in the fryer, a little brushing and that's enough. Do not, by any chance, use cooking spray. It may sound easy and convenient but the grills of an air fryer are nonstick and they can damage the machine and your food. We certainly do not want that now, do we? Do not put too much of your food in one go. We know you are in a hurry but it will meddle with the cooking process and the food will not be cooked thoroughly. So, guess who has to do it all over again? Not me that I know.

Now, as we said before, it is hot so take precautions before you burn yourself. Do not put hot content directly to the bowl, let it steam down and use appropriate utensils. Use the handle and nothing else, the machine might heat up as well, so it is best for you to leave it be for a minute or two before diving in the dinner. Also, don't forget to thoroughly clean after every use, it’s pretty easy to clean too! Bon appetite.


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