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Where Should I Place My Air Purifier?

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Where Should I Place My Air Purifier?

In our modern world where things are getting easier yet complicated, we find it difficult to decorate our home in a way that is pleasing to everyone. Assuming we have just bought an air purifier Canada, and we are now faced with the question of where to place it. As easy as it may sound, there are many things to consider before coming to the perfect spot for placing an air purifier.

Choose Your Air Purifier Wisely!

You cannot use one puff of perfume and expect to smell good the whole day. You think about the time you will be spending outdoors and the amount of work you will be doing throughout the day and then use the perfume likewise. Just like that, we need to consider the size of the room when buying an effective air purifier to improve the air quality. Small purifiers will not be able to counter the current air quality in a large room which will cause the pollution to remain in the room. Large purifiers in small rooms would only be a burden to one’s wallet as the air would already be purified. So the first step is to buy the right air purifier.

Cut Out the Bad Odor!

The main reason for getting an air purifier, preferably with HEPA, is to cancel out the unwanted current air quality, therefore one's priority must be to place the air purifier closest to the source of the bad odor as the odor will not be able to spread and get contaminated spontaneously resulting in better air quality.

Avoid The Corners.

In a room that has tight spots, with no open space, an air purifier will not be effective to combat the poor air quality. This goes for corners too because the purifier will need open space to pull the polluted air for filtering it and release fresh air. In rooms that have purifiers away and in a tight spot, chances are that the polluted air will remain near couches rather than being filtered from a purifier that is in the other corner of the room.

Source Of Ventilation Matters.

It is better to keep the air purifier near the door if the door stays open for ventilation, as this will act as a security guard but for air and ensure that the air quality befits. If the room is not ventilated through the door and rather with an air conditioner then it would be wise to keep the air purifier away from the air conditioner as they both will interfere with each other’s process if kept close, this is because the air conditioner will release fresh air which will then be filtered by the air purifier and released again, a very ineffective way to combat poor air quality.


Now You Know!

When these things are considered, one knows where exactly the air purifier will be placed to keep the current air quality fresh and pleasant with the highest effectiveness without wasting any extra money from their wallet.

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