Does an Air Purifier Help With Covid?

Does an Air Purifier Help With Covid?

Air Purifiers don't directly help with Covid, but they do offer some health benefits that may reduce the risk of severe or harmful diseases for its users by improving the air quality. Moreover, we all know that rising air pollution since the past few years has caused various dangerous gases and chemicals to become part of the air we breathe in, and it also puts our health at high risk. But one should not worry at all because Air Purifiers offer various health benefits for its users:

Removal of Asthma Attacks’ Triggers:

Inside the home, when the air is polluted, one is exposed to asthma triggers the most like dirt, dust, smoke, carbon monoxide, perfumes, etc. Therefore, if these particles or contaminants are not removed from the air, these may cause asthma attacks to asthma patients and can threaten their life and health. Moreover, airborne particles are the most dangerous for asthma patients, and these microscopic impurities should be removed from the air for better treatment of asthma patients. Air Purifiers like Ultima Cosa Air Purifier with the HEPA filter removes all the toxic particles from the air and removes the odor that may threaten the life of asthma patients.

Prevention of Lung Disease:

As we all know, tobacco smoke is dangerously injurious to health and people may develop pulmonary, heart, and lung diseases because of it. Moreover, people may develop these diseases due to passive smoking because of the presence of smoke contaminants in the air that reduce the air quality. Air Purifier with its filter eliminates smoke from the house and filters the common air pollutants to create a clean environment.

Reduction of Carbon dioxide Levels from Homes:

A natural breathing cycle includes inhalation of oxygen and exhalation of carbon dioxide, but in a confined place or at home where we are overexposed to carbon dioxide, we can develop shortness of breath, dizziness, weakness, headaches, unconsciousness, nausea, lung diseases, high blood pressure, and lung diseases. Having an Air Purifier with an effective filter like  HEPA filter exposure to carbon dioxide in the air can be reduced. Thus, we can conclude that air purifiers play a significant role in cleaning the air from carbon dioxide so that people can breathe in clean air.

Prevention from Malaria Infections:

Air Purifiers also play a significant role to get rid of insects that can pass on diseases and germs and can cause serious illness. The HEPA filter in most of the air purifiers works the same as an insect spray works for insects, except for the fact that it doesn’t release toxins into the air. Moreover, air purifiers can also eliminate insecticides, bugs, and other harmful toxins from contaminating the air. Conclusively, Air Purifiers are more effective in killing the insects that may cause diseases like malaria than insect sprays.

Bottom line:

Air Purifiers with HEPA filters like Ultima Cosa Air Purifiers can cleanse the air from contaminants and toxins that can affect the life and health of people. Even doctors use the air purifiers in their clinics to remove bacteria and disinfectants from the air to stop the spreading of disease.

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