Should You Run Air Purifier with Windows Open?

Should You Run Air Purifier with Windows Open?

Leaving the windows open while your Ultima Cosa air purifier is running is not a bad idea. In fact, in many instances, it will help circulate fresh air – crucial for healthy breathing. However, leaving the windows open can and will affect air purification. So, should you run an air purifier with windows open? It doesn’t matter, but it’s not recommended. And here’s why:

Air Purifiers Work Best in Confined Spaces:

That’s one major reality that lots of people don't know about. Although it may seem tempting to open a window or two, air purifiers work best in confined spaces. This is because when you open a window, you are inviting new outdoor pollutants. In addition to that, you’re also letting the freshly purified air get out.

It May Be Worse for Your Lungs:

Sometimes, the indoor air is cleaner than the outdoor air. If you live near an industrial area with lots of pollution, keeping the windows closed is the best option for a clean environment. Likewise, for people with allergies, opening the windows is only a recipe for disaster.

Letting your Ultima Cosa air purifier do its job is important. With a HEPA filter that filters out 99.97% of all pollutants, our purifiers clean smoke, dust, and allergens.

The Life of Your Purifier Will Be Greatly Reduced:

Opening the windows and doors means that the purifier has to work overtime for cleaning air. This will not only increase energy costs but will, in the long run, lead to overheating and malfunctioning.

Our line of air purifiers uses high-power brushless DC motors. Without any components that create friction, our motors last longer and do not overheat easily. So, you can be sure to keep them running when the windows are open.

When Should You Run Air Purifier with Windows Open?

While it’s recommended to keep the windows closed. not all situations benefit from that. In fact, in some cases, leaving the windows and doors open will be a lot more beneficial for you. These cases are:

  1. When you’re cleaning indoor pollutants. If you’re using the air purifier for indoor pollutants, opening the windows will help them escape better. Indoor pollutants include smoke, steam, and VOCs from mattresses, organic compounds, and paint.
  2. When there is a fire or other risk of suffocation. In case there is a fire or any other breathing hazard present indoors, open the windows. You’ll avoid a major disaster and a trip to the ER.
  3. When the room needs better ventilation. Air purifiers only clean the air, they do not create it. If your room needs more ventilation, opening the windows will prevent suffocation.
Final Thoughts:

Should you run an air purifier with windows open? Unless you’re cleaning indoor pollutants, it’s not recommended to open the windows. In the long run, however, it doesn’t matter. Ultima Cosa air purifiers have been built with strong materials. And they have powerful filters that work to keep your room clean and safe at all times.


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