What Can You Cook in Air Fryer?

What Can You Cook in Air Fryer?

As every era comes with revolutionized ideas, cooking methods have changed drastically as well. From starting a fire using rocks, to gas stoves, electric stoves, microwaves, ovens and now air fryers. Air fryers are taking over the world. This innovation is made for all types of kitchens i.e., dorms, households, small cafes to well-known restaurants. Everyone can benefit from air fryers.

Well, you know what an air fryer is, but do you know how many recipes you can make using an air fryer? – all covered from entrée to dessert.

Appetizers – Entrées – Snacks

The words mentioned above may be different, but the feelings attached to them are the same. There is not a single person who does not love to munch. Air fryer brings you healthy, easy, and quick recipes. Beginning with air fried fries, everyone’s first love. Place some potatoes in the tray and click on the French fry air fryer mode. Put some oil, sprinkle salt, toss in between and you get the crispiest fries, that too every time!

Moving forward to the second most loved item on the menu; chicken wings. Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, that is how chicken wing air fryer cooks it for you. And it does not create a mess in your kitchen.

Let’s talk healthy now, shall we? Vegetables; brussels sprouts, broccoli and all those greens. All you have to do is put your vegetables in the air fryer, sprinkle salt and pepper, toss in between, grab a dipping sauce and you are good to go. If on some days you want to go for a crunchier option, you can always wrap your veggies in bacon and enjoy the crispy, flavorful veggies.

Main Course

Ever thought of making a steak without any oil splattering? Seems like a difficult task but an air fryer allows you to make steaks without any mess. Season the steak with pepper and salt, toss in between and you are done! Yes, it is this easy and quick as well, only 12-15 minutes. Even college students living over instant noodles can have steak whenever they want.

Not just steaks, you can have roasted chicken in an air fryer as well. Cut your chicken into pieces, sprinkle the herbs and spices, add salt, and ta-da, its done. A tip though – never overcrowd your air fryer, let the air flow!

When talking about the main course, forgetting fish is straight up uncivil. Make the tenderest salmon ever. Ready within 15 minutes.


Dessert and air fryer, is it a dream? No.

You can have the most exquisite desserts without creating a mess and waiting over preheating, it barely takes any extra efforts. Churros, hot and crunchy ready within no time. Fudgy brownies with chocolate chunks, doughnuts, chocolate chips cookies and what not! An icing on top is that you can always reheat these in your air fryer for a crunchier texture.

This versatile machine brings happiness in everyone’s life since we all love food, don’t we? Enjoy these heavenly meals whenever you can!

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