What Is the Difference Between Air Fried and Deep-Fried?

What Is the Difference Between Air Fried and Deep-Fried?

Evolution took over the human race and soon altered our cooking methods too. A while ago, fire was ignited through stones and now we have electric stoves. Similarly, cooking practices have evolved over time too, and now healthy cooking methods are the new paradigm. However, the question arises is that should one switch from their traditional practices of cooking methods to modernized ones? Such a dilemma exists when it comes to making fried items. Should deep frying your favorite chicken wing be the ultimate step or an air fryer is here to give you the same taste with healthy stars? We have to find it out!

Air-Fried Vs Deep-Fried

Deep-fried cooking is a method of putting your food in a pan or container filled with oil, which is heated up. The food absorbs the heat and oil and eventually gets cooked. Usually, the deep-fried cooking method is opted for the crunchy exterior which gives a taste adored by foodies. Now you know why your chicken fillet has that golden crusty crunch!

With air fried, the traditional frying goes out the window and the food is cooked in a revolutionized way. Such modern cooking utensil is Ultima Cosa Air Fryer, with food inside the container of the air fryer, a heating cord, and a heating fan is activated which blows the heat on the food and the food is cooked this way. This air also creates a crispy outer on the food. The heating from the fan and cord is intense enough to cook the food evenly and only in a few minutes. Your air fryer wings will taste just like a deep-fried item - but healthier.

Speaking of difference, the major distinction between these two cooking methods is the calories.  Let's talk healthy benefits now. When you deep fry that chicken leg you intake 549 calories in one piece which is more than half a stick of butter you are eating in one go. The same piece will fall to half the calories when it is air-fried, those 280 calories in one piece will allow you to enjoy another piece too. This will be a healthy choice for any individual. For instance, the calories contained in an Ultima Cosa Air Fryer are about 70% to 80% less than a deep fryer, this makes air fryer a healthy choice with much less oil and fat. Air fryers are comparatively cleaner to handle in your kitchen, you do not have to handle containers of oil after you are done making your favorite fried food neither does it require extensive cleaning.


You might ask is it only a healthy choice? No, it’s a convenient choice too. You can put your air fryer anywhere, but can you move your stove around? I mean, the convenience you get with an air fryer, am I right? With all this air fryer is a versatile option too, it can roast, grill, bake and fry any item while a deep-fried can only, well, fry.

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